Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snowstorm Euclid

Yes, the snow is here. It started at about 10:30 this morning. I had woken up early to go to our local Kmart for some good after-Christmas deals on some things I've been needing to get. Absolutely random stuff- a snow-brush for my car, a fold-able handcart for at the craft shows, a new belt, and a new pair of shoes. I don't really go to Kmart often, just because ours is small and cramped- talk about trying to cram as much merchandise into one room as possible!
Anyways, we went into Kmart, and it was yet to snow. We came out and Hello, snowstorm Euclid! The parking lot was getting a good layer, it wasn't too bad though... until that moment I turned to look at my husband and "Whoosh!" I went slipping and sliding. A "pop, pop...pop" in my ankle later, I was flat on my face in the middle of the parking lot. Since my ankle was numb and hurt like...heck... at the same time, I was pretty convinced it was busted. I must have just twisted it up pretty good because I am wobbling around on it. It twisted inwards, so it is the outside part of my leg, ankle and foot that are sore and tight now.
The silly thing is, the other people in the parking lot all turned to each other and whispered loudly to each other, "Did that girl just fall?!" Nope, just like to taste the pavement. I like to test it out everywhere I go. This one tastes the same as all the others! ::Rolls eyes:: Talk about "Here's your sign." Only one nice lady stopped in her car to ask if I was okay- then told me to "be careful", the snow was "getting bad".
So, between the icky snow and a twisted up ankle, it is another derailment of getting back full-swing to the gym! ;'(  I came home and made some homemade french onion soup, took a nap with my foot up, and am planning on getting started on sewing my platypus army. Since I only have 1 pair of safety eyes until my order comes in, I am not sure how far I can really get on the project. BUT- I am determined to make some sort of progress on SOMETHING today! lol

Stay safe in the snow everyone!

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