Tuesday, December 25, 2012

An Early Start on 2013 Resolutions

Back in the fall I joined the local gym. Nothing fancy, but enough to go after work and get some exercise in. I can jump on the treadmill or the bikes and watch shows on cable tv at the same time. (A luxury because we don't have cable at tv at home.) I honestly enjoy going, and I was going every single chance I had for a good couple months. Then I got sick. And not the usual 7-10 days and everything is right in the world again, sick. I mean, I was SICK for a MONTH solid. I had to leave work early a couple times and call off and go to the doctor- which is just absolutely unheard for me. I am pretty sure the ladies at work thought I was dying or something! And THEN 2 months of periods started, along with the holidays, which means I was working 35+ hours a week at my day job, and coming home and working just as many hours on my Etsy shop. I set amazing shop records in November and December- but it all came at a price... I was lagging at the gym and I am *officially* up to 185.  Not that I was losing any weight when I was busting butt at the gym anyways, but at least I was trying. 

I have been easing myself back into the routine. The next couple months are going to be slow, both at my day job, and my shop- so I should have lots of opportunities to be at the gym and/or working out at home.
I haven't been eating terrible, but not really the best either. So I have been easing into that as well- lots of veggies, proteins and very few carbs. Lots of water!

I've also been getting some motivation from pinterest and articles such as: Simple ways to lose 10 lbs
(I am starting with water and fresh, home cooked food. I have been so pressed for time lately, that pre-packaged and processed foods start to dominate our meals- not to mention all of those darn tasty holiday foods.  And also, this blog!)

My ultimate goal is to get back down to 150 and/or a size 12 pant. I have 35 lbs and many pant sizes to go!

Can I do it finally?!
I will check in as much as I can! 

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