Monday, April 15, 2013

Brief update

So good news, and bad news.

The bad news is, I am still no where closer to my weight loss goals. I am fighting to hold at 185.

But the good news is, my husband has joined in the fun. He has joined a 24 hour gym so he can work out late after work each night. He has been going 4-5 times a week, depending on his work schedule. He is also working on portion and calorie control, and mixing in more fruits and veggies and less processed foods. This is also great for me, because it makes it easier on me when cooking meals. He has lost 5 lbs this week alone, and is well on his way to meeting his goals. I can already tell he is toning up in many areas as well. We did have to have a talk about the words "Fat Free", and how that usually means that there are more fake things and chemicals in those foods, which are no healthier than the small amounts of fat that they are replacing. He went to the store for a few things, and got fat free cheese instead of the usual kind that I buy. I felt bad because he was trying to do good, but it was an important thing we needed to talk about. ;) He tends to look at the nutritional facts, but not the ingredients. So we went over which ones are artificial and which ones are not.

My long lost friend "Flo" has finally stopped around again! I did start taking the vitex again, so I am not sure if it was that, being sick, or what that brought it on, but I will take it. I find I feel better overall when it's not missing for 3 months. So I've had two in a row, maybe we will go for three? lol.

Over Easter I breached that awkward topic of telling my mom we WANT to have babies... and it was awkward. It was more in passing, during a discussion related to when I was going to get to a doctor about all of these things going on. Both my mom and grandmother are pushing me to get in to a good doctor as fast as I can. My grandmother flat out said she wanted to be a great grand-mother ASAP!  My brother and his boyfriend were standing in the kitchen and his comment was that HE "had a better chance of making her a great-grandmother first"! So I guess that only means one thing- a race! haha. Nothing like a brother/sister rivalry to get you moving! lol.
 But in honesty, it is a little weird to talk to your parents about having babies. All my life they would say stuff like, "Whatever you do, you better not get pregnant because you have to [insert goal here]". First I had to graduate high school, then college, then get married, then get a teaching job, then make lots of money. Since those last two things have yet to happen- it is like- "Don't wait! You are getting older, so you better get started!" (Gee, thanks for reminding me!) I did come clean with my mom about how long we have been "letting it happen". (Almost 3 years.) It came out when I told her the one doctor was all offended because 2 married adults weren't using birth control for so long, but the doctor failed to see the true problem of there were no babies as a result.  Of course my mom shared some info with me about her and my dad's experiences with getting pregnant. Not sure if it was TMI or insightful... I would say it was helpful, but still TMI because it is your MOM! In a nut shell, she had cysts and had had surgery, and it took them over 2 years to get my brother. She didn't think it would happen because she was off kilter. I told her I knew I was going to have problems waaaay back in high school when I only got my period every other month or so.

I am starting to think about trying some ovulation predictor tests, but I have the feeling that is going to be a long process since it clearly has no set schedule. At least the dollar store sells them cheap! I'll give it a go and see what happens I guess!